Chrisean Rock—real name Chrisean Malone—is a hip-hop artist and social media darling.

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Chrisean rock bands often use English-language lyrics, although some have songs in Chrisean or other languages. This young lady has.

She comes from a large family and is the 11th of 12 children.


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It's a vibe all the time It's a vibe all the time It's no surprise Can't look me in my eyes They wanna see me fall 'cause they know I'm on the rise.

Ima go ghost for 90 days & run my bands up This pole make the toughest nigga put his hands up They could do me foul and im still gon get my and-one She can't ever say I'm broke, i'll up 100 nigga and some Long Live The Greatest I can't ever give the juice up Riding wit no passengers, hate niggas like the Ku klux Love me like rock, put my face. She. Duration: 02:04; Chriseanrock - Vibes (Lyrics) Duration: 02:30; The TRAGIC Reason Chrisean Rock Will NEVER Leave Blueface 💔 - Struggle Love.

Vibe lyrics. .

Chrisean Rock · Song · 2023.

On Friday (March 17), Chrisean.

Yeah, oh-oh, wiping tears, don’t cry. .

She appears to have been active on YouTube via vlogging for years and has released music (available on Spotify) periodically, though she. .

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Mar 27, 2023 · Watch Time - Official Music Video Song Out now on all platforms.


Time, time (Time, time) Again, again (Again, again) My heart broken (My heart broken) Again, again Again, again, okay After all that shit we've been through (Been through) Staring at me while I'm crying (Crying) Bitch, I'm dying (I'm dying) Bitch, I'm dying (I'm dying) I'm dying with the arguing Don't say goodbye It's a new life (New life). class=" fc-falcon">1. Please support our site.

. . Duration: 09:04; BlueFace Ft ChriseanRock - Dear Rock (Music Video). She. class=" fc-falcon">Time. But even though many know her for her famous relationship, Rock is much more than just a girlfriend.


@ChriseanMalone. [Skit] Chrisean Rock.


I'm getting closer and closеr Don't push me, let me jump ovеr.